Category: Christian By Faith

My Personal Belief

What do I believe? Well I am a non denominational person. In other words, my thought is that Jesus Christ is our savior and through him we get to heaven and it is the reason why He came to earth. The church does not save us. Not even the main characters of the Bible that […]

To Be A Christian

It is written that faith comes by ear, just be hearing the God’s Word. That is the first step to become a a Christian. Just when we know someone new, at first we take a look at the person, then start speaking and listening one another. Trust appears like a small seed, same as the […]

Talk to Jesus and Ask him

Speak to Jesus, Pray and ask him according to his will. If every one of us thinks as God as Father? Our though of a role of a daddy is a provider, a guardian, one that loves you till the end, a teacher and somebody who gives direction to our life and able to be […]

Sharing the gospel of Mark

Speaking about the way, John the Baptist operated, based on the repentance. Observing his preaching, I believe God wants from us a true change. Coming from a sinful life we need to focus in Jesus, and look for a transformation and open our heart and soul not only believing with our mind. Our willingness is […]