Is It True About The Rapture Of The Church Or The End Times Are Near?

On the internet we may see a lot of people talking about the apocalypse and the difficult times or tough situations happening around the globe. Only God knows when it is the time, not even the angels, but as human beings naturally we got nervous or become scared. Always pray and put all confidence in our shepherd. In our prayers it would be good to ask for wisdom and be aware of any event, but the best to do is to have faith in Jesus and let him accomplish his purpose on each one of us. Anyway it is not bad to read the news and be well informed, and use the principle of observation and look what is going on around other countries. Sometimes I go to the following website: and read some interesting news they post about things happening these days and really make me think a lot. What do you think about the end of the world? Are you going to Heaven? Well I will let you with the last two questions.

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