Month: February 2019

About Me

¬†Hopefully, this web page could be helpful in getting people closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I wish you enjoy it, maybe you and I could learn something with every post going on or at least fill our mind and spirit with God. ¬†Please share it with all your friends and relatives. God bless you […]

Talk to Jesus and Ask him

Speak to Jesus, Pray and ask him according to his will. If every one of us thinks as God as Father? Our though of a role of a daddy is a provider, a guardian, one that loves you till the end, a teacher and somebody who gives direction to our life and able to be […]

Need Prayer? Just Post It!

This is a praying basket and I receive every prayer, no matter what, to help you pray, according to the will of God. Under the name of Jesus and put your pray right inside the basket with lot of faith. In other words: Just post your prayer if you like, on comments, to pray for […]