My Personal Belief

What do I believe? Well I am a non denominational person. In other words, my thought is that Jesus Christ is our savior and through him we get to heaven and it is the reason why He came to earth. The church does not save us. Not even the main characters of the Bible that once lived on this world, or the saints or the angels, or the apostles, not even the virgin Mary, yes I know those characters may have given us great examples to follow the right path. If Christ is the light, then follow the light. Don’t you think? We might be devoted to the Virgin or the Saints, but we must adore our Lord with all our heart and soul. If there is a chance to speak to those characters I have already mentioned, perhaps they would say follow Jesus and not me entirely. I encourage you to find a special place in your life for the Father beloved Son, because nobody is great enough like Him. Please look for God while you have time living on earth, Heaven is a real place such as Hell is , not only Bible mention it, we may find a lot of testimonies on the internet, go to Youtube and listen to many stories, dreams, visions and near death experiences. Even if the Church is not what saves us, it is the perfect place to listen to WORD OF GOD. The basic formula is: The Word of God enters through our ears and the final product is faith. I believe Jesus is the Messiah and our savior. It sounds mysterious, but what if we are playing a hand to win or loose everything, there are many cards in this world to choose and Jesus could be an interesting one. If once there was someone who spoke about eternity in a place with God and that there is another ugly place without HIM. It is very important to think about this life or death matter.

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