To Be A Christian

It is written that faith comes by ear, just be hearing the God’s Word. That is the first step to become a a Christian. Just when we know someone new, at first we take a look at the person, then start speaking and listening one another. Trust appears like a small seed, same as the kingdom of God that grows in or heart. The relationship of companions goes to a new level and a friendship is born, later on to be like brothers and sisters, and even go deeper. . Sooner or later a close bonding will emerge and that fellow would be turned into a student of his master Jesus Christ. Little by little what seems to be a good doctrine would be his or her life cause or in other word the best reason to live. People that is what discipleship is all about. Everything starts with small faith like a mustard seed  hoping someday to be transformed into a tree, develop passion to  be a righteous person and reaching your goal to eternal life, the greatest discovery is that we all could be saved by the grace of believing  in Jesus our Lord who died for us on a cross. We all humans are not perfect no matter how we struggle and need a close relationship with our Lord and his helping hands to overcome the natural vs the spiritual battle inside us. But faith without compromise is like to believe but not accepting any change or transformation, and not repenting of your sins. It is basically the Protestant Church concept of being a born again Christian. Don’t you think? Catholics emphasize in doing good works but probably when you get inside of your neighborhood Catholic Church would find an image of Christ laying on a cross. At the end it is Jesus who had to die for us on a cross for salvation. What other way could be? I encourage you to develop all your passion for Christ, learn about his love to one another, even to your enemies , if you love Jesus with all your heart, the treasure in Heaven is not the biggest mansion in Heaven but Jesus the Lord Himself.  

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